Pass the ammo!

I was recently in a conversation with a classmate, that I usually talk with about political issues, and this discussion was not an exception. Passionate as always, this friend said abortion is so overlooked as a political issue, which I agreed with. However, I did mention that I think it may be wisest for the focus of this political season, and the elections in November, to be as focused on the economy as possible, so as to avoid a smokescreen campaign about other moral categories, since that would appear to be President Obama’s only recourse and plan to defeat the surging Mitt Romney. Anyways, this conversation quickly digressed into a discussion about gun control, which I support. No, before you prepare to come and show me a few of your own “self-defense” tools, I do not want to take away all of your “rights”, although I prefer the word privileges, and no I do not want to leave hunters with bows and slingshots. Before moving forward with my attempt to disarm you, no pun intended, from your already rising objections to gun control and my support of it, I began the story by telling how we started our conversation. The issue of abortion, in the minds of many evangelicals, including myself, seems to be cut and dry. We do not support it, we are by no means pro-choice, and we’d like to see the whole thing outlawed. But I wonder, am I the only evangelical who does not so readily claim a pro-life stance on abortion, and on the same turn defend my right to put a bullet through a thief’s skull?-or at least, my “right” to own a weapon capable of doing such. It intrigues me at the very least, that evangelicals seem to be so closely tied to the 2nd Amendment.Before introducing some arguments, and then responding to a few common objections to gun control that would not be unfamiliar to its critics on the evangelical right, an excerpt from…

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